4 Practical and Effective Ways to Fight Modern Day Slavery

January 11th was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. On that day, everyone spoke out against the slavery that is oppressing millions of people today. But what about the day after the 11th? Or the week after? What are we going to be doing a month from now?? It is good to have special times set aside to join together for a cause, but if we all go about our lives just the same afterwards what lasting effect does that have? Human Trafficking Awareness Day may have ended, but slavery has not.  It is still being inflicted on people right now, while you are reading this. This isn’t something to be taken lightly or forgotten about. Slavery is a very real problem that is plaguing our world today and stealing the lives of millions.

Did you know that right now there are more slaves than ever before in history?!*
– 27 million people around the world are being bought and sold like they are things, not people.
– Every 30 seconds another person falls victim to human trafficking
– The average age of these victims is 12 years old
– Only 1-2% of victims are ever rescued

Our hearts break for these people, and they should. These are people that God created, with bodies and souls, that are being abused and enslaved.  They are hurting, powerless, and have little hope.  They need someone to speak up for them.  They need someone to fight for them.  You can be that someone.  It can feel overwhelming to think about the number of lives across the globe that are suffering.  The trafficking industry is incredibly huge.  Even so, you have the power to make a difference.  How can you help save these people?  Here are a few practical and easy ways to start making a difference in the lives of those enslaved.


These people are trapped in a nightmare day and night.  They are treated as worthless, but they are of infinite value to their Creator.  You may not know where victims are, and you may not be able to sweep them away to safety, but God hears their every cry and catches each of their tears.  He can comfort and protect them, and He can bring success to the people and organizations who do have the power to rescue them.  Commit to pray for God to touch the hearts of people trapped in slavery, and for Him to bless and guide the organizations fighting human trafficking.

Speak up!

Tell people! More people being aware of the problem will translate to less people being enslaved by the problem. Your voice can save trafficking victims across the globe and the people you know around you.  Just because slavery is a global issue doesn’t mean it isn’t happening near you.

Not only can your voice help prevent more people from being trafficked, but you can also gather others who can help fight slavery alongside you.  Tell your friends and family about this injustice.  Start a conversation, share this article, shop for clothing that speaks against human trafficking, anything that will help spread the word. Many people will be surprised to hear that slavery still exists today because it has been so well hidden from the public eye. Awakening people to the harsh reality of it will help tremendously with both donations to services that solve the problem and prayers sent for the enslaved. Knowing is half the battle, but let’s be sure to encourage people to do something about it too.


There are many organizations that fight human trafficking.  These organizations are absolutely vital ending slavery.  They can rescue victims, help them to heal from the abuse they have endured, and help them back into normal working society.  One big way you can help end slavery is to support these organizations financially, because without enough funds they can’t continue to do the work they are doing.

If you are looking for somewhere to donate to, The A21 Campaign has a program that helps trafficking victims get a normal life back after they have been rescued and helps them learn to trust again.  Another great option is to support End It.  They are a coalition of several different organizations all working together to fight human trafficking.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to donate, that’s okay!  Every little bit helps.  And if you work with other people, together you can do a lot.  End It has a program where you donate $7 and build a team of 27 other people who will donate $7 as well.  Then you can encourage each of them to do the same with 27 of their friends.  With every team that is built, almost $200 is given to the cause!

Also, both A21 and End It have some cool apparel you can buy from their sites, with the proceeds going straight to the places where it’s needed.

There are so many ways you can help besides just giving money!  Through The A21 Campaign you can send letters to people they have rescued that are in their recovery program.  They also have a list of 21 ways that you can help, here.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  You can give your money, your time, your talent, anything.  God has given you special gifts and abilities that you can use to make a difference and bring about change.  Be creative! 🙂

Don’t forget to look for local organizations and projects going on near you.  There are good international organizations, but also think to support places that are making a difference right around you. These organizations are smaller and probably need more help than the well known ones.  By partnering with them you can make a difference right where you live, in your own community!

Fight Pornography!

What does porn have to do with human trafficking?  Well, almost half of the people trapped in slavery today are sold for sexual services.  One of the things they can be forced into doing is creating pornography.  Porn thrives because people watch it.  If the demand died, so would the production, and if the production stopped, victims of human trafficking wouldn’t be forced to make porn films.  Because a lot of human trafficking victims are used in pornography, if you watch porn, you’re supporting and growing not only the porn industry, but also the slavery of these people.

We must stand against pornography. Ending porn can help end slavery. If you are struggling with a porn addiction, there is hope. If you know someone who struggles with porn, be there to encourage them and support them as they fight for freedom. It’s also important to speak out about the dangers of porn. Talk about how it is more dangerous than it may look and how it hurts lots of people. Your voice could keep someone you know from falling into the trap of pornography, both saving them and helping trafficking victims across the globe.

Let’s commit to fighting modern day slavery. We can speak up to help people understand the issue and to avoid the dangers of it themselves. Fighting porn will give a blow to the market of human trafficking.  Another great way to help is to give to organizations that fight modern day slavery. Of course, the best thing we can do for the slaves is to pray to our Heavenly Father on their behalf.

Together, we can do this!

~ Amanda & Grant

*information gathered from The A21 Campaign


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