About Us

Amanda has a passion for Jesus and the freedom that He brings into our lives.  This passion grew from her seeing how He freed her from the sins she felt trapped in and redeemed her.  She desires to see others run to Jesus and embrace the freedom and joy that she has found in Him.

If she isn't writing, Amanda is probably dancing. She loves using dance to worship God and to lead others into worshiping Him as well. She believes worship is very powerful because true worship takes our eyes off of us and fixes our gaze on Jesus, and it's hard to be in the presence of God like that and walk away unchanged.

Grant 2Grant was once chained and bound by sin like others have been, but his chains have been broken by Jesus, and now he lives in the freedom that is found only in Christ.  He is a new creation.  His eyes have been opened to the millions of captives there are out there, and he lives to see Jesus set those captives free.  His hope is that his story and what he writes will point them to Jesus in order to set them free.

Aside from writing, Grant enjoys working on graphic design projects, playing basketball, and spending time outside or with family. 

Whether they are writing or just living life, Amanda's and Grant's prayer is that they will disappear so that God can speak through them without hindrance and receive all the glory.