The Problem With Perfectionism

Problem Perfectionism

So often as Christians we get wrapped up in our own imperfections. We messed this up, or could’ve done that better, or don’t feel adequate enough to do this big thing for God. We can get so caught up, in ourselves really, that we lose sight of God. We get this narrow tunnel vision; everything…

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The Suitcase


Have you ever been hurt by someone? The pain can go deep and feel very heavy. It can be hard to forgive that person who hurt you. Sometimes it feels like you just can’t move on. “I know I need to forgive them, but I don’t know how!” For a while I struggled with this,…

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Have you ever genuinely just not wanted to forgive someone? I have. It’s hard sometimes, whether we have been wronged, or someone we love has. It’s tough. It’s the hardest thing to give away, and the last thing on your mind today. So often we, even us Christians, withhold this great gift, but when we…

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