Fight For Freedom

American Freedom Statue of Liberty

It has been almost a month since the 4th of July.  Did you realize that?  Do you even really remember what that day was like or what you did in the following days and weeks?  I bet it has slipped most everyone’s mind by now, pushed away by the business of life.  For us, the 4th of…

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Embracing Recovery

Hand Embrace Recovery Healing Help

If you saw a person who was hurting would you help them or hurt them more?  If you knew there was someone who felt ashamed, lost, lonely, and was desperately seeking for any hope of acceptance and a second chance, how would you respond?  Would you go to them and hit them?  Would you scold…

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Dealing With It

Ways To Deal With Pain

This world is a really tough and hard place. When we are exposed to it, we find there is so much pain and suffering. We hear about all the people facing cancer and death, and all of the hungry and starving children of the world.  We have to deal with rape, abuse, human trafficking, and…

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Will This Ever End?

Black White Rainy Road

Yeah, I know how it is. It honestly seems like it won’t end sometimes. It’s all that you can see, all you can hear.  It is so overwhelming that it could sweep over you and carry you away, so thick and heavy that it weighs you down and could crush you. It is really hard,…

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Break Every Chain

The lyrics to the song, “Break Every Chain” by Will Reagan helps establish what we hope God will do through Breaking Free Indeed. There is power in the name of Jesus There is power in the name of Jesus There is power in the name of Jesus To break every chain Break every chain Break…

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Glory In The Journey

Progress Walking Journey

Often when we think of God bringing freedom into our lives, we imagine bright lights and thunderclaps, fireworks, and sudden victory in everything. We want big miracles, a sudden end to our battles and struggling, and for life to feel easy and perfect all at once. It is true that there are times when God…

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