The unforeseen enemy.

We all deal with it, it takes you after you sin and says that you will never be free. It has a way of sneaking up on us and pouncing right when we mess up. It comes after our weakest moments, when we are feeling guilt for our sins and it tries to strangle us. It attacks relentlessly trying to drown us in our sin.

It’ll tell you that you’re not good enough, and you never will be. It says you’re too far gone, broken beyond repair. Shame says you are worthless, it says you will never win. It says your struggles will follow you to the grave. Shame tells you that you’ll never amount to anything more that the sins you have committed. It will tell you that nobody could care about someone as bad as you.

Shame will make you feel like a monster.

Shame will try to steal your joy and happiness. It throws regret in your face, waving your mistakes around. Shame wants to force you into a life of despair. It wants to blind you to God’s grace. It wants to steal your will to live. Shame will try to convince you that you are not worth loving, not worth saving.

Shame is a lie.

Jesus took your shame to the cross, and died for it. It’s not yours, so don’t take it. We don’t have shame anymore. You’re not guilty anymore. Jesus didn’t just take your sin, but also the shame and blame that came with it. You are made completely whole and blameless in God’s sight. He looks at you and sees His Son. Nothing can change that or undo it. You are secure. And knowing that brings freedom. God’s forgiveness didn’t cross out your sin, it wiped it away, as if it was never there in the first place.

This freedom brings peace and joy. It is victory over the enemy.

Freedom shows you that your sins aren’t following you. It tells you that you’re still priceless and valuable, and that you can’t ruin that. Freedom opens your eyes to see that while you aren’t worthy, God is loving enough to say you are worth it to Him. Freedom then leads you to a life of gratitude for the gift you have received. You have nothing to fear.

Jesus paid the price for your sin, and he took the shame that came with it. Now the choice is yours for whether you accept God’s grace and live in His love, or continue living in a life of shame. You can choose shame, and force yourself to “pay” for what you have done. Wallow around in guilt. Or you can accept what Jesus has done for you on a daily basis, and His payment will cover what you have done. You can live in true freedom from shame and find joy!



  1. I’ve at one time or another believed all of shame’s lies. Thanks for writing this. (: I feel like it was written for me. God’s grace is beautiful!

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