The Problem With Perfectionism

Problem Perfectionism

So often as Christians we get wrapped up in our own imperfections. We messed this up, or could’ve done that better, or don’t feel adequate enough to do this big thing for God. We can get so caught up, in ourselves really, that we lose sight of God. We get this narrow tunnel vision; everything…

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Dealing With It

Ways To Deal With Pain

This world is a really tough and hard place. When we are exposed to it, we find there is so much pain and suffering. We hear about all the people facing cancer and death, and all of the hungry and starving children of the world.  We have to deal with rape, abuse, human trafficking, and…

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The Secret To Peace

Dominoes Chaos

Have you ever had a long string of crazy things happen? Your life feels like a row of dominos that got bumped as one thing after another falls down in a clattering chain of a mess. Life can be rough. Problems come, but they don’t go away as quickly as we would like them to….

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