Embracing Recovery

Hand Embrace Recovery Healing Help

If you saw a person who was hurting would you help them or hurt them more?  If you knew there was someone who felt ashamed, lost, lonely, and was desperately seeking for any hope of acceptance and a second chance, how would you respond?  Would you go to them and hit them?  Would you scold…

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The Problem With Perfectionism

Problem Perfectionism

So often as Christians we get wrapped up in our own imperfections. We messed this up, or could’ve done that better, or don’t feel adequate enough to do this big thing for God. We can get so caught up, in ourselves really, that we lose sight of God. We get this narrow tunnel vision; everything…

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The Struggle

Forgiving oneself… sometimes the hardest person to forgive… is you. No matter who you are and no matter what you’ve done, at some point in your life you’ve likely dealt with this when one of your little mistakes ended up hurting someone else or when you fell for the millionth time. A lot of us…

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