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Breaking Free Indeed seeks to help people break free from the various forms of bondage that hold them back from becoming what God wants them to be. We want to see those chains broken, and then for those people to live in the full victory and freedom that is theirs through Jesus.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

The main weapon that the enemy uses to put believers into bondage is lies. By exposing those lies and replacing them with Truth, the chains can be broken, and believers can walk in the freedom that Jesus gave them through the cross and through His resurrection.

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No matter your struggle, the change you're looking for is ultimately going to begin and end in the presence of Jesus.  We are here to help you, as are many other people and resources, but only God can reach into the depths of your heart with you and transform your questions, pain, and brokenness into hope, healing, and wholeness.

That's why we created this 7 Day Devotion Guide for you!  The purpose of this guide is to do just that: to guide you into communion with Jesus.  Each day gives you some Scripture to look at and some questions to prompt your prayer and meditation.  From there . . . what happens is up to you and Him!  Let this be a springboard to give you momentum in seeking God on those days when you don't know where to start, and then see where it takes you.