Eagle Soar

“… but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
Isaiah 40:31 NIV

We were made to soar, but how can we?

I see a lot of Christians today who aren’t soaring and aren’t living in freedom…

Instead of soaring, they are like an eagle that is trying to fly the way a small bird would… flapping quickly yet never getting as high as it really could. Now there’s a feeling of flight sometimes, a feeling of trying hard. But they’re not getting anywhere — not really soaring — and using up a lot of energy unnecessarily.

In order to truly soar, an eagle needs to face the howling wind, stretching their wings out and reaching as far as they can in an act of surrender to the wind. They must trust the wind, and it catches them; it lifts them up. They must do this even when it may seem crazy to stretch out in the open in such a way. In doing so, they reach heights they never could have on their own. Only then, can they soar, and be free.

It’s very much the same for us. In order to soar and be free, we have to stretch out – completely surrender to God. We can’t soar on our own strength — it just won’t work. We may feel like we’re doing good, and we may look great while we’re at it, but in fact, it’s like pushing on a pull door… it just doesn’t work. Trying so hard wears us out, and it causes many of us to grow discouraged, which leaves us open to temptation and bondage. But we need to surrender, reach out, lay down everything about ourselves on the altar: our life, reputation, job, friends, our everything. And that’s when God takes it, and lifts us up, and he makes us to soar — to be free! Then it’s time to exhale. After we have taken in the glory of God before us, we need to take it and show the world. So that all may taste and see the Lord in all his mighty power!


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